Rogers PharmaConsulting LLC

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the Golden Gate.


RPC’s experience and flexibility allows for fast-pace change of focus as new challenges emerge and priorities change.  RPC’s flexibility and broad science-base provide a “one-stop shop” where expertise can be readily applied to speedily fulfill your company’s goals.  RPC can readily customize its commitment and style to comply directly with your company’s needs and organizational culture.

Specific Capabilities:

  • Drug Development Team Management and Coordination
  • Team Leadership
  • Operational Team Management & Best Practices
  • Cross-Functional Project Planning and Timelines
  • Contract and External CRO/Vendor Management
  • Program Budget Management and Tracking
  • R&D Support for Business Development
  • Due Diligence Planning and Execution
  • Regulatory Operations and Submissions
  • Technical Writing: Presentations, Patents, Publications and Grant Applications
  • Program Alliance Management
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation


Rogers PharmaConsulting L.L.C. (RPC) can help your company successfully span the expertise gaps between Research and late-stage Development.  Many young companies are challenged by the expansion into Clinical trials and Drug Development.  Recovery from missteps in this phase can be very difficult.  RPC can provide experienced R&D planning and coordination to fulfill corporate and team objectives.  RPC provides significant and diverse competencies to complement your team to make best use of your company's time, budget and FTE utilization.  RPC can provide both the strategic and tactical input to bridge your company's gaps to drive success.  That is the mission.